Meet Peter Krueger

Peter Krueger is a globally recognised User Experience Designer. He has empowered agencies, corporations and start-ups to embrace the power of design thinking and user centric principles to drive innovation and business growth. He uses a blend of agile methodologies to create impactful experiences.


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To me, the most important part of User Experience is revealing what user behaviors’ or motivations are to help evolve a product, company or client to be more human centric. To do this, I practice both qualitative and quantitative methods of research, including feedback sessions, contextual inquiries, diary entries, personas, card sorting, usability testing and analytics. Once all this data is interpreted, I take the information analyzed and create hypotheses that can be solved through design. Hypotheses are essential in keeping the project grounded and on goal.


Once I have a solid hypotheses, key business objectives, constraints, and key performance indicators I craft a design workshop to help solve the business problem at hand. I have crafted design workshops for design teams, external clients, cross functional product teams and executive leadership. In my experience, the best design workshops include all key stakeholders so all parties feel like they have ownership in the solution that gets designed. During the session, I use a blend of design thinking philosophies that are individually crafted to the audience that I am conducting the workshop for. During the workshop I try to use the pen as little as possible, this way the stakeholders are the ones creating.



Once I have an agreed upon concept from the session, I create a digital sketch and share with all workshop attendees for ongoing transparency. Then, I typically work with a blend of UI designers to finalize wireframe documentation based on those concepts. Once wireframes or initial designs are complete, I present the wireframes & concepts back to the stakeholders for feedback & approval.

Learn & Iterate

Once stakeholders have approved the design concepts I get them tested with as many real users as I possibly can. I am constantly advocating for testing throughout the rest design process. This allows us to make changes along the way that users will find most beneficial. For every round of stakeholder revisions, I recommend at least twice as many reviews with real customers, to ensure we are creating a product or tool that works for the customers.

Iterate and learn