My Background

Born in Minnesota to a longline of proud Minnesotans. Raised on hot dish, college football games, fishing at the lake, ‘you betchas’, and ‘don’t ya knows’. Found my love for design as a teenager, when I produced and edited videos for The Flash at Eastview High School. Attended the University of St Thomas to study Communications and Journalism. Started my career as a digital producer in advertising agencies; handling budgets, timelines, and execution. Worked with talented teams on nationally recognized brands including Target, Red Robin, and Arctic Cat.

Craving a creative outlet, I spent my free time learning the basics of design, information architecture and design thinking through mentors, digital forums and videos. The obsession soon evolved into my purpose. I quickly made a career change into User Experience, focusing on design, research and most importantly -- people. Starting off, I worked as a freelancer for nonprofits, government organizations and small businesses. While growing my personal portfolio, I also worked for a digital agency in Minnesota, where I was hired to launch their UX discipline.

The more I learned about users’ behaviors, the more my curiosity grew. The challenge each user, each category, and each brand brought stimulated my passion. I wondered how designers and researchers were solving similar problems across the country and overseas. I wanted to learn from them, but even more I wanted to work alongside them. With a lot of dedication and passion, I found myself in Sydney, Australia with the desire to cross-share knowledge. Finding, yet again, a new love for change, I re-kick started my career in the start-up scene. This exciting career move allowed me to be more hands on throughout the entire design process, starting from nothing to building beautiful products with purpose. Immersing myself into the lean methodologies, I became the design lead conducting workshops, consulting on all designs, and mentoring a highly talented team. Had the opportunity to design the prototype for additional venture capital fundraising and became responsible for millions of dollars in business growth.

After nearly three years of hard work in startups, three seasons of rugby, and a lot of ‘cheers mate’ it was time to bid farewell to Australia. I am continuing to add skills to my design toolkit. Learning the basics of VR, video game design and even back to the basics of sketching and painting. Before I headed back to America, I freelanced for international brands while volunteering in Africa, watching history unfold in Europe and lake hoping my way back home. I’ve returned to Minneapolis to help companies design with purpose. I am open to collaboration sessions, freelance projects, start-up and corporate positions, and speaking opportunities. I have come home with the same excitement for this discipline, greater knowledge, and even more vigor than before.